Monday, December 20, 2004

Questions, Answers, Lessons

There are too many questions, here on the ground.

What happened?  How did we get here?  Why?  When?  How do we get back to where we used to be?  Do we even want to?

Are you afraid, too?

When these weigh heavily on my psyche--- as they have been, these past few months--- I know that it's probably time to go flying.  Fortunately, the weather around Dallas as been spectacular lately, and mostly cooperative.  I've been able to fly pretty often, really. 

Preflighting an aircraft, for me, is a ritual.  It's kneeling before the altar of flight, asking for acceptance into the skies.  There are many things that need to be checked, that need to be within tolerances in order for the plane to fly.  It's not difficult, but it does demand a keen eye.

Fortunately, all systems are go.  Today's agenda calls for some touch-and-goes in the pattern, but first I want to check out the northeast practice area--- directly over Lake Lavon.

And now it's back to McKinney.  Setting up for Runway 35:

Here's how it looks when approaching from the other side (Runway 17.)

(That little smudge in the sky, over the highway, is another plane turning final.)

(Sorry for the poor photo quality--- this was literally a 'hold the camera and shoot whatever" pic!)

Landing complete, taxiing back to parking. It's funny... but after I fly, it feels like there are no questions I can't find the answers to...

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