Friday, February 16, 2007


Not much new to report... considering how this week started, I'm relieved to say the rest of it has passed more or less uneventfully. Work has been frantic -- thanks a lot, FAA, for your truly myopic stance on user fees -- but apart from that, it's pretty much been the same 'ol routine.

And yes, right now that's how I prefer it, thank you very much.

Later today I plan to meet my friend and former coworker Shoe down at The Old Crow, a bar (make that a "joint" -- "dive", while probably appropriate, sounds too harsh) many of the ABQ-ers used to frequent after we all relocated to Dallas. Shoe will forever be credited with finding it... but alas, over the past two years a lot of that gang has either moved on to other things, or moved back to Albuquerque. I'll soon be joining the latter group.

There are several things I'll miss about Dallas. At the top of that list are my friends... all of which, oddly, are friends I met back in New Mexico, who also moved with the job. All of those friendships have gotten stronger, though, in the years since. A guy who used to be 'just' a work acquaintance has become one of my coolest friends, along with his wife -- who I barely knew in ABQ. To say I'm going to miss our monthly dinners is a profound understatement; ditto our skating vid excursions.

Another friend -- hell, my brother -- I've known for close to 14 years. In our time in Dallas I've been Best Man at his wedding (reception -- they had a private ceremony) and I've seen him and his family move into their first new home. Moving away from them is going to hurt... especially come September, when football season starts.

And then there's Shoe... early 40s, a natural Ops guy and extremely well-read, who brings a zen-Parrothead calm to many stressful situations. In our time in Dallas, I've learned he's a fascinating character... so much so I've modeled a character in my book after him.

I expect these friendships to continue, of course... but of course it just won't be the same. By moving back 'home', I'll also be moving back to an area where I now know fewer people. 

There's a strange, cyclical quality to that.

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