Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Land Of... Providence?

It's been a nice trip back to New Mexico, surprisingly free of drama and undue angst on the home-finding front. Speaking of which, I have: I found an apartment Monday afternoon, right after I got into town (nothing like slamming down a 680-mile road trip -- less than 24 hours AFTER a marathon skating trip to Austin, a story captured quite eloquently heated discussions and all, here -- AND then searching for a place to live, all on less than four hours of sleep.) It was the second place I looked, though the first I found on the Internet -- CORE Vistas At Seven Bar Loop.

Yes, that's the name of the complex. CORE Vistas, and yes the CORE is supposed to be capitalized. Sounds like a) a mental institution, b) a low-income jobs program, or c) a residential development within walking distance of Three Mile Island. I can't decide which.
In either case, it's a third-story, 911 square foot, two-bedroom (and, unnecessarily, two-bath) apartment with a mountain view (albeit a narrow one, over another apartment building) and washer/dryer hookups, in a gated community, at a decent price. And it took me less than a half-hour to find it. Can't complain. And no, the flowers don't come with the apartment.

As the apartment hunting was eerily simple, that has given me time to get around and see some friends, and reacquaint myself with Albuquerque. I also had the chance Wednesday morning to drive out to Double Eagle II airport, to take a look at the SportStar the FBO out there just purchased. After all... that will be the plane I'll be renting once I'm out here.

Imagine my surprise when I approached the hangar, and saw N819EV with its cowling off -- awaiting its own modified fuel pump, as per the Rotax SB. It was a shock... as this is the same plane I flew last month, down in Kerrville (shown below on the ground at ERV). I have 1.1 hours in my logbook in this same plane, the trip up to Gillespie County Airport and back with Barry Pruitt, Evektor America's technical guy.

That would have been cool enough. Add the fact 819EV has a full glass cockpit, AND autopilot, AND a Garmin 396 with XM Weather and radio... and I think I'm going to have great fun tooling around New Mexico skies in this plane. I'm already plotting my cross country trip to Tucumcari in my mind.

First, though, I have to plot my dual cross country, scheduled for next week in Grand Prairie. This flight has been delayed a few times... but it's on now. I have a renewed sense of commitment to getting my license.

It's really weird how that particular plane ended up in New Mexico...

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