Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Thing We Do Not Talk About

Well, Friday night, I took the first real steps towards moving in July. Raided my closet and drawers, throwing old clothes into one of two bags -- either heading for the trash, or Goodwill. Sigh.

Actually, my "first" real step towards moving came earlier this month, when I included my "intent to vacate" letter with my apartment rent for May.

A lot more is coming. I head back to ABQ on the 14th to sign on an apartment... still not sure where, per se, although odds are it will be somewhere on the Westside. I'm oddly unfazed that I still don't have a place to live; I figure that if I was able to find a decent apartment in Dallas in one weekend trip, I can do the same in ABQ, a place I'm a lot more familiar with.


Other news... the SportStar lives! Evidently the damage was either repairable, or not so bad the plane can't be flown safely. I have it scheduled for Sunday morning -- just a few touch-and-goes, to get a feel for it again -- though the weather is supposed to be crappy, as it's been the past five days.

(Did I mention how beautiful the weather was last weekend, when the plane was down? Three consecutive days, Friday thru Sunday, of light winds and clear skies. Perfect weather to wrap up a few cross-country flights. Sigh, again.)

Heading out tonight to watch Monk play with his band. Kinda ironic, it's taken this long for me to make it to Deep Ellum... and, to see him perform. He's a drummer... in a Latin-themed rock band. Should be interesting.

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