Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Confirming the suspicions of pretty much Everyone Else But Me... Monday's checkup presented no new problems, no additional complications.

Furthermore, Dr. B also gave me some much-needed reassurance on the lymph nodes that popped up on the last CT scans. First of all, both of those scans were done by a new radiologist -- "who I don't like," the good doctor has told me before -- and who seems to be firmly in the "cover my ass" category: he or she notes EVERYTHING. Including "non-pathological" lymph nodes, that do not appear to be cancer-related, and that haven't grown at all in four months.

"Everyone has lymph nodes. See this?" Dr. B asked me, pointing to his neck. "This a node I've had for years. It's no big deal."

After a handshake from Dr. B, and hugs from the nurses, they sent me on my way. My next checkup will be in Albuquerque, in August. The two-month clock has been reset. I can now officially start to look forward to getting the move out of the way, and Arlington and Oshkosh, too.

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