Monday, June 18, 2007

Rooms With A View

Sitting here at the viewing area of the Sunport, waiting to catch my flight back to Dallas... the last time I'll fly in that direction to go "home," at least for the foreseeable future. Sigh...

It's been a good trip, albeit a very quick one. I signed the lease on my apartment Sunday, and I was happy to see that it has a pretty decent view of the mountains over the building across from it. Definitely good enough to see the Sandias turn into watermelons for a few fleeting moments each evening.

With less than two weeks now to go before I head back for good, I have to admit I'm getting excited. It's a nervous energy -- equal parts "God, I want to get that over with" and "I know I'm gonna have fun unpacking and getting stuff set up."

This weekend comes a trip with Shoe, Lee and Dustin down to Austin (yep, returning there just over a month since I visited with Monk) to celebrate something of a "Rob's Last Stand in Texas." I'm not going to say there's gonna be a lot of drinking, but the hotel is within stumbling distance of Sixth Street, so that tells you something. I just can't wait to visit The Elephant Room again... looking forward to some smooth jazz.

Oh, and no flying this week... I'm going to be busy covering all the news from the 2007 Paris Air Show, and the weather looks iffy tomorrow anyway. I have one last chance next week to fit the cc's in... it may happen, it may not. Kinda leaning towards wrapping up everything in New Mexico at this point.

Well, gotta go stand in line for an hour to get a good seat when the cattle call is released... that is, after I watch a C-17 take off. And I've seen two Eclipse 500s do touch-and-goes in the past 45 minutes, too.


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