Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Still A Pilot, Still OK

Hi all... Sorry for the lack of recent updates, but I've been busy re-adjusting to life in New Mexico (where's the ocean????) and facing down the New Reality, going through the latest round of scans, blood work and doctor visits. Everything is fine, of course... As everyone but me knew already.

Anyway, now I may officially enjoy the benefits of being a licensed sport-pilot... who, alas, is going to have to scramble to find a plane to fly, as the only LSA advertised for rental in all of New Mexico is, curiously, unavailable. So, hmmm.

That's OK, though. In fact, it's all good, because of this (soon to be replaced by a real, not "temporary," license):

P.S. My Aero-News series on the training process begins the week of April 28, and will run every other day or so through the middle of May. (Yes, I've changed the dates, as I wasn't able to write this weekend as much as I'd planned.) Check it out!

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