Sunday, January 15, 2006


It only took two trips, about 1900 miles of driving, around $80 out of pocket (not including the cost of Cable One highspeed internet access) and untold levels of grief... but I'm now, finally, in New Mexico. Again. For the second time in three weeks.

God willing, this trip will last a little longer than the last one, which found me hightailing it back to DAL so I could work. Seems Rio Rancho's promised "highspeed" wireless internet access didn't live up to the hype, and I had no way to do my weekly duties with ANN while in NM with only dial-up access. This time around, though, the 'rents have real HS access, and it looks like I'll be able to work... while also making some attempt to relax and, you know, have a vacation.

What a concept... so far, though, I haven't had much of a chance to do anything but work, as there's been a LOT of news out there in the Aero-world. But it's still great to be home.

Things I've learned so far:
  1. Satellite radio is a godsend on long road trips, especially XM 150 (Comedy). And I've really come to enjoy Warren Zevon music.
  2. This trip marks the third time I've gassed up in Childress, TX instead of continuing north another 30 miles to fill up in Memphis -- where gas is priced at Amarillo-levels, about 20 cents cheaper than prices closer to the Big D.
  3. The Albuquerque Sunport has canned its fantastic viewing area, off the approach end to Runways 8 and 12, for two smaller locations -- neither of provides nearly as good a view of the entire airport. Nuts. For the record, it looks like Eclipse Aviation's Final Assembly Integration building, the Sunport 3 facility that is currently under construction, is displacing both the old viewing area and the B-1900 boneyard that was once along Taxiway Echo.
  4. It took less than 20 miles -- less than the mileage from the NM-TX border to Tucumcari -- for me to recall my old statement that I love New Mexico's scenery... but truly can't stand most of the rest of it. A Ford F-150 travelling 15 mph slower than the speed limit in the left lane of I-40, barely passing two semis up a steep hill, had a lot to do with recalling the memory.

Oh well... it could be worse, and it's great to see family and friends again. For all its faults (the NM Chamber of Commece will never have me as an employee) the state IS home... and the Sandias are gorgeous at sunset.

Is that enough?

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